Best Gazals To Play on Guitar

Gazal is one favourite genre of semi classical singers. BecoZ it's construction is like that you can sing it so simply which also feel good and you can improvise it in really hard way or in middle between two. It always be great.

There are many Gazal singers, but the specific name which are known to everyone are: Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hasan, Jagjit Singh, Hariharan, Ustad Ahmand Hussain, Ustad Rashid Ali, Reshma. This are like milestones. Wrote their name with Golden words. Nowadays we are listening talented singers namely Rekha bhardhwaj, Arijit Singh, Papon, Shilpa Rao, Monali Thakur, Jazzim Sharma singing Gazals in live shows and recordings really nicely.
Here we have selected some great Gazal which are pleasant to play on guitar or Keyboard. Most of these are old but it's construction is so nice that it's just need to give new approach then it will really enjoyable to play and share with friends. Papon did fantastic job in Mtv unplugged making Gazal in a new way which was praised by everyone.

So enjoy the Gazals which are enjoyable on your guitar. Here Gazal are taken based on Composition, Popularity, Lyrics and feel.

Best Gazals to play on Guitar

Best Gazals to play on Guitar

1. Ranjhish hi sahi: One the best composition by Mehdi Hasan in Raag Yaman .Beutifully Reformed by Papon in Mtv unplugged. Taal: Dadra

Guitar Chords of Ranjhish Hi Sahi by Mehdi Hasan & Papon

2. Chupke chupke: Ghulam Ali's one of the best Composition in Raag Shyamada of Kafi that. Many Emerging singer try to sing this Gazal to impress Jury. TAAL: Rupak

Guitar Chords Of Chupke Chupke by Ghulam Ali

3. Aaj Jaane ki Zid na karo: Sung by many singers like Habib wali Ahmad, Farida Kahnum, Asha Bhosle, A.R.Rahman etc. Song is composed in Raag Yaman. Taal: Deepchandi

Guitar chords of Aaj jane ki zid na karo by Asha Bhosle, A.R.Rahman

4. Pyar Ka Pehla: Jagjit singh made this beautiful so cleverly and sung wondrously. Lyrics are beautiful. Nice guitar parts. Nice feel. Taal: Keherva

Guitar Chords of Pyar Ka pehla khat by Jagjit Singh

5. Kash aisa: Superb Gazal by Transcendent singer Hariharan. Very controlled and beautiful voice as always. TAAL: Keherva

Guitar Chords of Kash Aisa by Hariharan

6. Hosh Walon ko Khabar: Jagjit Singh's Gazal from movie Sarfarosh. Catchy Tune. Beutiful Lyrics. Pleasant Music. The one which everyone has heard. Taal: Keherva

Guitar chords of Hosh Walon ko khabar kya by Jagjit Singh

7. Phir Le Aya Dil: A Young fresh voice came in matured voices. So Beutiful Gazal from movie Barfi! So wonderful Arrangements by singer himself. Great sargam. Taal: Keherva

Guitar Chords of Phir le Aya dil by Arijit Singh

8. Yeh Mojeza: Jagjit Singh with his soothing voice to sing in Ashavari. Nice Lyrics. Recreated by Popon in Mtv Unplugged so nicely. Taal: Dadra

Guitar Chords of Yeh Mojeza by Jagjit singh and Papon

9. Socha nahi achha bura: Deut of Jagjit singh & Chitra. Simple but Beutiful composition. Really Suitable for Guitar. TAAL: Keherva

Guitar Chords of Socha Nahin Achcha bura by Jagjit Singh and Chithra

10. Us mod se shuru kare: Again Deut of Jagjit Singh & Chitra. Major and minor of same key is beautifully used. TAAL: Kehrva

Guitar Chords of Us mod se shuru kare by jagjit chithra

11. Milkar Juda Hue to: Duet by Jagjit Singh & Chitra. Simple chord based composition. Gazal Written by Katil. Taal: Keherva

Guitar Chords Milkar juda hue to by Jagjit chithta

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